There’s nothing more exciting than being invited to celebrate the love of a close friend or family member. First comes the engagement announcement, and you can barely contain your joy as you pick up the phone to immediately congratulate the happy couple. Then, the invitation for the engagement party arrives in your mailbox. After the initial excitement wears off and you’ve already mentally planned your outfit, you realise that you now have to buy a gift, not just for the engagement party, but also the wedding itself!

 Luckily for you, HappyUnwrappy is here to ensure that you never get stuck wondering what gift to buy. Everyone who loves giving gifts knows that the hardest part is choosing the gift itself, and that’s why we’re here to make that task easier, and skip you straight to the joys of giving.

HappyUnwrappy allows you to create a user profile where you can list your preferences for items, creating an online gift registry that your friends and family can access with ease. Instead of worrying about finding that great gift to surprise your friend or relative for their engagement, select from a list of items you know that they’ll love. Plus, you can be rest assured that you won’t be getting them the same thing as someone else, as once items are purchased from your wishlist, the buyer can check off the gift from your wishlist to avoid double ups from others buying you the same thing! There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party and realising that you’ve bought the same gift as someone else, and then burdening the receiver on the decision to return one of them.

For those who are getting married themselves, creating a wishlist will not only benefit your guests and take the stress of choosing the right gift off their shoulders, but will also make your wedding day easier on you! There’ll be no wishing well to worry about, or big bulky gifts to organise when the reception is over. Plus, you even have the option to add your dream honeymoon to your profile! In this day and age, when couples are often already set up with enough house supplies and kitchen appliances from already living together, it’s a great way to reduce unwanted or un-needed gifts and focus on something you’ll truly love and remember forever. Also, your guests will no doubt love the chance to contribute to that special vacation that all newlywed couples enjoy together, and will know that their gift to you is something you’ll remember forever!

So, next time you have the pleasure of celebrating the love of a friend or family member, take the stress out of gift giving with HappyUnwrappy. Then, you are able to focus on the more important things when you receive an engagement party or wedding invitation in the mail, such as your outfit or whether or not the reception has an open bar!

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