Your best friend has just moved into the house of their dreams, and it’s time to celebrate! Now, all you need to do is find the perfect housewarming gift – which is harder than it sounds! If you’re truly stuck for ideas of what to bring to any housewarming party, the quick answer is usually wine!

Connoisseurs and average punters alike will always appreciate a good drop, but the salient question is – what kind of drop? Between chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, sauvignon gris, pinot gris, pinot noir and beyond, the options are exhausting, not to mention most people have a preference for one in particular. It’s hard to remember which tipple any given friend is keen on at the best of times, not to mention that wine trends are constantly changing. Knowing someone’s preference well enough to safely grab a bottle on the way to their shindig can therefore become a dilemma, and fast!

This is where HappyUnwrappy’s ‘favourite things’ feature comes in handy. We’ve made sure that your next housewarming bash – or even dinner party or quiet night in with friends – will be a breeze. It has been designed so that each user can list their favourite alcohol permanently on the app for all their friends to see, saving the hassle of calling and asking for their drink of choice, or guessing and hoping for the best. Jump onto HappyUnwrappy, and you’ll be sure to bring something to please the crowd every time!

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