As we approach the end of November, society gets split into two different groups of people – those who embrace the festive season, and those who dread it. The first group will be the first to have their Christmas tree and decorations up (usually everything will be done by the end of December 1st). On the other hand, those who dread Christmas will avoid putting their tree up for as long as possible, and decorations aren’t even on the cards. However, regardless of which group you fall in, the start of December will likely bring on a single feeling for all parties – stress.

The stress of preparing for Christmas is the same every year; you realise that its already December, you then freak out that you haven’t even thought about starting to buy Christmas gifts for your friends and family, then you break down over an expensive bottle of wine that you had been planning to give to your boss at the work Christmas party. Uh oh!

Luckily, HappyUnwrappy is here to help relieve the stress of buying Christmas presents. Instead of worrying about what gifts to buy at the start of December, all you need to do is encourage everyone to download the HappyUnwrappy app, create a profile, then begin making a wishlist for Christmas, enabling all of us to get more creative than gifting just another generic voucher or pair of socks!

Once you’ve started using HappyUnwrappy, the stress of figuring out a Christmas gift, or a gift for any other occasion, is removed completely. No longer do you have to have those coy conversations with loved ones, trying to figure out what to get them without ruining the surprise of a great gift. No, all you need to do now is browse their wish list, and know with certainty that they will love their gift every time.

So, how exactly do you get your family and friends to use HappyUnwrappy? Sure, it’s a great system, but it only works if everyone uses it. Well, that’s easy! You can simply invite your loved ones to use HappyUnwrappy through email or Facebook. Then, after creating a profile and wishlist, you’re good to go!

One of the best things about HappyUnwrappy is that you can create wish lists for multiple occasions. For example, if you have a friend or relative who is celebrating their engagement at the same time as Christmas, they can create two separate wishlists. Engagement gifts tend to be different to the types of gift you’d give for Christmas, so this makes it easy to purchase the right item for the two different occasions. How great is that?

Another great thing about HappyUnwrappy is that not only are you able to ensure you give great gifts, but you can also ensure that you receive great gifts. By creating your own wishlist, you don’t have to practise your ‘pretending to like a terrible gift’ face for Christmas morning!

With HappyUnwrappy, say goodbye to awkward conversations, ruined surprises and the stress that comes with gift giving; not just during the festive season, but also for other special occasions such as birthdays, engagements or weddings! So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, pronto!

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